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Denying Communion in DC

The Washington Postreports on a Christian woman who was denied Communion in Washington, D.C.:Deep in grief, Barbara Johnson stood first in the line for Communion at her mother’s funeral Saturday morning. But the priest in front of her immediately made … Continue reading

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Ritual and Violence

The French Wars of Religion are featured in a new special issue of Past & Present, which reexamines Natalie Zemon Davis’s concept of “rites of violence” 40 years after her landmark article. The issue is entitled “Ritual and Violence: Natalie … Continue reading

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Mediterranean World Workshop

The first meeting of the Mediterranean World Workshop will be held on Thursday 1 March at O’Leary’s in DeKalb at 5:15. The Mediterranean World Workshop is a new group of professors and graduate students interested in Mediterranean history from antiquity … Continue reading

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Act of Valor: Entertainment or Propaganda?

The new film, Act of Valor, depicts Navy SEALs in action against smugglers and terrorists. The film openly touts its active-duty SEALs who act as the protagonists in the film, alongside plenty of military hardware and vehicles. The filmmakers reportedly … Continue reading

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The Global War on Terror Revisited

The so-called “Global War on Terror”—once omnipresent on cable news networks—seems to have receded from view.  Is the war over?  How do we think about the past 11 years of warfare in Afghanistan, Iraq, and beyond? Andrew J. Bacevich, Professor … Continue reading

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Historical Films at the Oscars

Historical films are in the running for Oscars at the upcoming Academy Awards ceremony. Each year, films portraying historical subjects figure significantly in the Oscar nominations, but there seem to be an exceptionally large number of historical films this year. … Continue reading

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ACDIS Summer Workshop on Global Security

The Program in Arms Control, Disarmament, and International Security (ACDIS) at the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana announces a one-week summer workshop in global security. Targeted at rising sophomores or advanced undergraduates, the workshop aims (1) to inform students about key … Continue reading

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The “American Century” is Over

Professor Andrew J. Bacevich of Boston University has become one of the strongest critical voices in military history and strategic studies today. Bacevich is known for his work on American militarism and his criticism of United States military strategy in … Continue reading

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Ready for a Napoleonic theme park?  Here comes Napoleonland…. Yves Jago, a French politician in the Parti Radical, is proposing a project to build a historical theme park to celebrate the life and legacy of Napoleon Bonaparte.  The theme park … Continue reading

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Wikipedia’s Useless Knowledge

Wikipedia has become the ubiquitous source of information for millions of users worldwide.  High school and university students rely on Wikipedia for basic information and evidence and for their own research and writing. Indeed, many students engage in cut-and-paste plagiarism, … Continue reading

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