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War and Conflict in the Early Modern World – U.S. Release

I am pleased to report that my new book, War and Conflict in the Early Modern World (Cambridge: Polity Press, 2016),  has been released in the United States. Here is the brief book description (blurb): In this latest addition to … Continue reading

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Oral History Jobs in the Chicago Area

HistoryMakers is offering oral history jobs in the Chicago area. The job description reads: The HistoryMakers seeks to hire a full time Oral History Researcher to complete in-depth research for its video oral history interviews across a wide variety of … Continue reading

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Spanish Paleography Workshop

The Center for Renaissance Studies at the Newberry Library is hosting a Spanish Paleography Workshop this fall. The workshop, led by Carla Rahn Phillips offers faculty and graduate students an introduction to reading Spanish-language manuscripts of the early modern period. … Continue reading

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American Responses to the Brexit Vote

In the aftermath of last week’s Brexit vote in the United Kingdom, Americans seem to have rediscovered Europe. Frantic news reports warn of dire economic consequences for American banks and investors, even as journalists attempt to explain the complexity of … Continue reading

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