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France and the Origins of the Great Depression

Did French economic policies contribute to, or even cause, the Great Depression of the 1930s? This is the provocative question posed by historian Douglas A. Irwin (Dartmouth College) in an article on History News Network (HNN), which is an outgrowth … Continue reading

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Film and Fiction for French Historians

The new e-issue of Film and Fiction for French Historians is now out at a new website on the H-France platform. Historians of French history and scholars interested in historical filmmaking should find this website useful in their research and … Continue reading

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Renaissance Society of America Conference 2012

The Renaissance Society of America Conference 2012 has now concluded.  The conference, which is the premier conference on interdisciplinary Renaissance studies in North America, was held from 21-24 March at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Washington, DC. This annual conference … Continue reading

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History Open House

The Department of History at Northern Illinois University will be holding a History Open House for undergraduate students. The History Open House will be held tomorrow (Tuesday, 27 March) from 11am – 3pm on the sixth and seventh floors of … Continue reading

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Tournées French Film Festival at NIU

The Tournées Festival: New French Films on Campus is once again at Northern Illinois University. The festival opened yesterday and will continue through Thursday evening. The Tournées Festival is organized by FACE, in partnership with the Cultural Services of the … Continue reading

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Napoléon Restored (in Film)

Abel Gance’s epic silent film Napoléon (1927) utilized a number of innovative filmmaking techniques and it has since become a classic work in the linked genres of historical film and war film. A new restored version of the film is … Continue reading

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Coptic Christianity in Transition

Pope Shenouda III, head of the Coptic Christian Church in Egypt, has died. Shenouda III had led the Coptic Church through several periods of turmoil in Egypt, including the ongoing Egyptian Revolution. Coptics represent a small religious minority in present-day … Continue reading

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Lower State Funding for Higher Education = Higher Tuition

State governments in the United States continue to slash funding for “public” higher education. For a generation, states have been gradually gutting public funding for state universities, shifting the costs of college education to students, who must pay higher  tuition … Continue reading

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Halal Meat and French Politics

Meat often enters French politics, usually through the anti-immigrant rhetoric of the Front National (FN). In almost every recent election cycle, the FN pushes for the adoption of new anti-immigrant laws and regulations, especially targeted at France’s considerable Muslim population. … Continue reading

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Graduate Programs in the Humanities

Graduate programs in the humanities across the United States are scaling back considerably by cutting their admissions.  The pattern of humanities departments limiting graduate admissions periodically (especially during economic recessions) is nothing new, but the scale of the cutbacks are … Continue reading

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