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Archaeologists Discover a Sumerian Tavern

Archaeologists working in Iraq have discovered the remains of a Sumerian tavern in the ruins of the city of Lagash. “Archaeologists found a seven-room structure featuring an open courtyard with benches and a large open cooking area with a 10-foot-wide … Continue reading

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Zemmour contre l’histoire Review

I was conducting research in Marseille during the 2022 French Presidential Elections and observed the campaign of far-right politician √Čric Zemmour closely. I have published a book review related to Zemmour’s campaign in Modern and Contemporary France: “The stunning growth … Continue reading

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Position in Holocaust and Genocide Studies

The U.S. Military Academy, West Point, NY, is seeking an Assistant Professor in Holocaust, Genocide, Atrocity, Human Rights Studies. The job description indicates: “Applicants will be evaluated on the following: 1) Academic accomplishment (Ph.D. in History to include demonstrated accomplishments … Continue reading

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