Teaching Interests

My teaching interests revolve around issues of violence, religion, gender, and culture in early modern European and Mediterranean societies. I teach a range of courses on Renaissance humanism, Reformation movements, European Wars of Religion, European state development, and early modern cultural history. Much of my teaching relates directly to my research on religious violence, gender, and noble culture in early modern France and Tuscany. I am also interested in the comparative thematic study of religious violence, civil conflict, state development, Mediterranean history, and globalization. I previously taught European and global history at Simpson College and Millikin University.

Current Courses: Fall 2020

HIST 110 History of the Western World I

HIST 422 Early Modern Europe

HIST 522 Early Modern Europe

Graduate Seminars
HIST 640 Religion in Early Modern Europe: Graduate Readings Seminar
HIST 640 Religious Violence in Comparative Perspective, 1500 to Today: Graduate Readings Seminar
HIST 690 Early Modern Globalization: Graduate Research Seminar
HIST 736 and 756 Directed Research and Independent Study courses

European History Courses, Upper Division
HIST 311 Early Modern France, 1500-1789
HIST 390 History and Film: War in Film
HIST 414 The European Wars of Religion
HIST 420 The Renaissance
HIST 423 French Revolution and Napoleon

Global and Comparative History Courses, Upper Division
HIST 458 The Mediterranean World, 1450-1750
HIST 390 Film and History: War in Film

Writing and Survey Courses
HIST 491 Introduction to Historical Research: Senior Seminar
HIST 111 Western Civilization, 1500-1815

Courses Previously Taught
Early Modern Europe, 1450-1715
Paris, City of Lights: An International City and the World
(Study Abroad)
Civil Conflict in Global Perspective
Religious Violence and Intolerance in the Human Experience
Revolutions and Civil Conflicts in French History
Western Civilization: Parts I and II
Renaissance World and Columbian Exchange / Writing Methods

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