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Mediterranean Minorities

The Mediterranean Seminar/University of California Multi-Campus Research Project and the departments of Comparative and World Literature, History, Jewish Studies, and the Spanish Program of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at San Francisco State University invite participants to a … Continue reading

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A Crusading Banquet

Originally posted on Cluster for the Study of Religious Violence:
The Newberry Consort Feast of the Pheasant, February 7 through 9 In February 1454, Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy, threw a lavish party to promote a crusade against the…

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Art Museum Summer Internships and Fellowships

Summer 2014 Internships Internships and fellowships at the MFAH are defined by the supervisors to meet the challenges of ongoing and/or time-sensitive projects. For example, in the curatorial department, an intern or fellow may engage in research about artists and … Continue reading

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American Historical Review Book Review Editor

American Historical Review Position Opening: Reviews Editor We are looking to fill the position of Reviews Editor at the American Historical Review, which has been the journal of record for the historical profession in the United States for more than … Continue reading

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New Findings on the Black Death

Recent DNA research on plague victims has led to new findings on the Black Death, published yesterday at the Lancet online. According to the BBC, “A team has compared the genomes of the Justinian Plague and the Black Death to … Continue reading

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French Revolution Digital Archive

Stanford University’s French Revolution Digital Archive is accessible online. According to the archive’s website: “The French Revolution Digital Archive (FRDA) is a multi-year collaboration of the Stanford University Libraries and the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF) to produce a digital … Continue reading

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Commemorations of Tipu Sultan

Annual celebrations of Republic Day in India this past weekend included controversial commemorations of Tipu Sultan, an Indian ruler who fought British imperial encroachment in the eighteenth century. The BBC reports that “Since the country’s annual Republic Day celebrations on … Continue reading

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Protests Over “Gender Theory” in France

Some French parents have pulled their children out of elementary school over the supposed threat posed by “gender theory” to their children’s well being. According to Le Monde: “des dizaines de parents ont retiré, lundi 27 janvier, leurs enfants de … Continue reading

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Rethinking Community College Education

“More than half of community-college students never earn a degree. Here’s how to fix that.” So opens a provocative article recently published in The Atlantic. The article follows the studies of Daquan McGee, who earned an Associate’s degree in two … Continue reading

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Oral History of the Troubles in Belfast

Originally posted on Cluster for the Study of Religious Violence:
The Belfast Project was an oral history project launched by Boston College to collect personal testimonies of people involved in paramilitary violence in the Troubles of Northern Ireland in the…

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