Protests Over “Gender Theory” in France

Some French parents have pulled their children out of elementary school over the supposed threat posed by “gender theory” to their children’s well being.

According to Le Monde: “des dizaines de parents ont retiré, lundi 27 janvier, leurs enfants de l’école pour protester contre « l’enseignement obligatoire de la théorie du genre » dès la primaire.”


Various conspiracy theories apparently claim that the French educational system is engaging in a propaganda campaign to brainwash French children and subject them to a dangerous “ideology” of gender identity and sexual liberation.

Le Monde reports on the protests over gender in France, pointing out the confusion between gender studies (a field of research and study) and a purported gender “ideology.” This debate seems to have arisen due to some serious misconceptions about various gendered political positions, which have been misrepresented by conspiracy theorists.

The article in Le Monde states that: “Ce climat d’hystérie autour des questions d’égalité hommes-femmes ou de lutte contre l’homophobie débouche sur des phénomènes assez dramatiques, comme cette vague de SMS appelant les parents à retirer leurs enfants des écoles un jour donné pour dénoncer cet « enseignement obligatoire » du « genre ».”

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