Warrior Pursuits: Noble Culture and Civil Conflict in Early Modern France (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010). [Catalog Description] [Listing on]

Works in Progress

“Heroic Souls: French Nobles and Religious Violence after the Edict of Nantes, 1598-1629,” monograph manuscript in preparation.

“‘To Have the Pleasure of This Siege’: Envisioning Siege Warfare during the European Wars of Religion,” in Beholding Violence in Medieval and Early Modern Culture, ed. Erin Labbie and Allie Terry, chapter submitted.


“‘All the Many and Varied Remedies and Secrets’: Sexual Practices and Reproductive Knowledge in the Renaissance,” Early Modern Women: An Interdisciplinary Journal 5 (2010): 235-242.

“‘To Deliver a Greatly Persecuted Church’: Resituating the Edict of Nantes within the History of Laïcité,” Storica 38 (2007): 33-64.

“‘Through Naval Practice and the Association with Foreigners’: French Nobles’ Participation in Mediterranean Religious Struggles, 1598-1635,” Journal of Mediterranean Studies 16 (2006): 219-227.

“Beyond Encounters: Religion, Ethnicity, and Violence in the Early Modern Atlantic World, 1450-1700,” Journal of World History 17 (March 2006): 1-25.

“‘Re-establishing the True Worship of God’: Divinity and Religious Violence in France after the Edict of Nantes,” Renaissance & Reformation / Renaissance et Réforme 29 (2005): 139-182.

“‘Generous Amazons Came to the Breach’: Besieged Women in the French Wars of Religion,” Gender and History 16 (November 2004): 654-688.

“‘The Furious Persecutions that God’s Churches Suffer in This Region’: Religious Violence and Coercion in Early Seventeenth-Century France,” Proceedings of the Western Society for French History 29 (2003): 42-52.

“‘Se couvrant toujours… du nom du roi’: Perceptions nobiliaires de la révolte dans le sud-ouest de la France, 1610-1635,” Histoire, Economie et Société 17 (1998): 423-440.

Chapters in Collective Volumes

“‘Calm Possessor of his Wife, but Not of Her Château’: Gendering Religious Violence in the French Wars of Religion,” in Gender Matters: Re-Reading Violence, Death, and Gender in Early Modern Literature and Culture, ed. Mara Wade (Amsterdam: Rodopi), forthcoming.

“‘Only the Sack and the Noose for its Citizens’: Atrocities against Civilians in the Wars of Religion in Early Seventeenth-Century France,” in Inventing Collateral Damage: Civilian Casualties, War and Empire, ed. Stephen J. Rockel and Rick Halpern, 97-114 (Toronto: Between the Lines Press, 2009).

“‘The Tender Affections of a Good Mother and…the True Duties of a Loyal Subject’: Positioning and Identification in Maria de’ Medici’s Correspondence, (1610-1632),” in Le donne Medici nel sistema europeo delle corti, XVI-XVIII secolo. Atti del convegno internazionale (Firenze – San Domenico di Fiesole, 6-8 ottobre 2005), ed. Giulia Calvi and Riccardo Spinelli, 2 vols. (Florence: Polistampa, 2008).

“‘The Magazine of All their Pillaging’: Armies as Sites of Second-Hand Exchanges during the French Wars of Religion,” in Alternative Exchanges: Second-Hand Circulations from the Sixteenth Century to The Present, ed. Laurence Fontaine (New York: Berghahn Books, 2008), 76-96.

“‘Generous Amazons Came to the Breach’: Besieged Women in the French Wars of Religion,” in Violence, Vulnerability and Embodiment, ed. Shani d’Cruze and Anupama Rao (Oxford: Blackwell, 2005), 161-195.  [reprint of Gender and History article]

“The Infection of Heresy: Religious Conquest and Confessional Violence in Early Modern France,” in (Re)Constructing Cultures of Violence and Peace, ed. Richard Jackson (Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2004), 17-30.

“Financing the Counterreformation: Noble Credit and Construction Projects in Southern France during the Early Seventeenth Century,” in L’edilizia prima della rivoluzione industriale secc. XIII-XVIII: Atti della “Trentaseiesima Settimana di studi”, 26-30 aprile 2004, ed. Simonetta Cavaciocchi (Prato: Le Monnier, 2004).

“Iconography of Religious Violence: Catherine de Médicis’s Art Patronage during the French Wars of Religion,” in Il mecenatismo di Caterina de’ Medici : poesia, feste, musica, pittura, scultura, architettura, ed. Sabine Frommel and Gerhard Wolf, Studi e ricerche, Kunsthistorisches Institut, Firenze, 2 (Venice: Marsilio, 2008), 91-112.

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