Zemmour contre l’histoire Review

I was conducting research in Marseille during the 2022 French Presidential Elections and observed the campaign of far-right politician Éric Zemmour closely. I have published a book review related to Zemmour’s campaign in Modern and Contemporary France:

“The stunning growth of far-right politics in France has been associated with the remarkable rise of Éric Zemmour, a journalist, author, political pundit, and media personality who has transformed French political culture with his ultra-nationalist, Islamophobic, and anti- immigrant rhetoric. Zemmour’s overtly racist and neo-fascist political programme is based on disturbing alterations and reinterpretations of French and European history.

“Now, historians are responding to Éric Zemmour’s provocative rewriting of history in Zemmour contre l’histoire, a collective volume that critiques Zemmour’s uses and misuses of the past in his media appearances and his writings. Contributors include Alya Aglan, Florian Besson, Jean-Luc Chappey, Vincent Denis, Jérémie Foa, Claude Gauvard, Laurent Joly, Guillaume Lancereau, Mathilde Larrère, André Loez, Gérard Noiriel, Nicolas Offenstadt, Philippe Oril, Catherine Rideau-Kikuchi, Virginie Sansico, and Sylvie Thénault. Short, engaging essays expose Zemmour’s dangerous distortions of the past for political purposes, revealing the ways in which he ‘continually deforms history’ (3). …”

For access to an eoffprint of the full review (for the first 50 visitors) is available at the Taylor and Francis website.

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