Should Guns be Allowed on Campuses?

A number of states are currently debating bills that would allow handguns to be carried on university campuses.

Professors and students at universities and colleges across the United States should be concerned about such proposed legislation.

The 14 February shootings at Northern Illinois University suggest the limited possibilities of such measures effectively responding to armed violence on university campuses.  Armed NIU police responded within minutes, but the shooter had already taken his own life.  Had the professor in the classroom been armed, would a shootout really have saved lives?  Or, would more students have been caught in a crossfire?

Some gun rights proponents in Illinois advocated legislation to allow handguns on campuses in the immediate aftermath of the NIU shootings, but no legislation has yet been passed here.

I believe that the vast majority of professors and students would feel less safe if handguns were permitted on university and college campuses.

Read about this issue at the New York Times.

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