Newberry Teachers’ Consortium

I was thrilled to lead a seminar today at the Newberry Library as part of the Newberry Teachers’ Consortium.  The NTC seminar series offers high school teachers a chance to work with university professors on specific topics of relevance for their classroom teaching.

My seminar explored the theme of “Reformers, Heretics, and Soldiers: European Wars of Religion, 1520s-1660s,” discussing religious violence through Andrew Cunningham and Ole Peter Grell’s notion of the period as “an apocalyptic age.”  We then focused on the experience of religious conflict during the French Wars of Religion, examining the Saint-Médard riots, massacre of Vassy, Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre, and the Edict of Nantes.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with a great group of high school teachers from the Chicago suburbs at this NTC seminar.

High school teachers in the Chicago and northern Illinois areas should check out the Newberry Library’s website for the NTC seminar schedule and for additional opportunities for teachers.


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2 Responses to Newberry Teachers’ Consortium

  1. Brodie Austin says:

    It was great having you. We look forward to working with you again the future.

    • Brodie: Glad that you found my new blog. I am slowly uploading new resources for all of my European history courses here. Good luck with the NTC program and hope to see you again soon at the Newberry.

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