Bunga Bunga Jokes

Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi continues to ridicule Italian women and the Italian justice system as his latest trial moves forward.

Berlusconi’s latest mode of ridicule is to “invite” young women to “bunga, bunga” parties during a ceremony honoring college graduates.  This sort of sexist behavior has become the norm in Berlusconi’s Italy and no longer appears as a political gaffe to many people in Italian society.  Italian feminists and women’s rights activists have rallied against Berlusconi’s abusive attitude toward women this spring, but nothing seems to have changed in Italian politics.

Given Berlusconi’s ability to maneuver with impunity so far, it is not clear whether the joke will be on Berlusconi or on Italy in the end.

Read more about Berlusconi’s recent comments and his trial at NPR.

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