Art Attacked in Avignon

Artist and photographer Andres Serrano’s famous photographic work, Immersion Piss Christ (1987), was attacked today in Avignon.  This photograph created a major controversy in the United States over its perceived criticism of Catholicism and ignited a  debate over the public funding of art in the United States Congress.  The media storm around this debate became one of the first major controversies of the so-called “Culture Wars” in American popular culture of the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Apparently, two Catholic activists attacked Immersion Piss Christ with hammers while it was on display in the Collection d’art contemporain Yvon Lambert in Avignon, in southern France.  Read more about this attack in Liberation online.

Students who have taken HIST 640 Religious Violence in Comparative Perspective or HIST 414 European Wars of Religion may be interested in this contemporary story with strong echoes of early modern iconoclasm and religious intolerance.

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