How Not to do Engaged Learning

Professors in universities across the country hear lots of talk these days about “engaged learning.”  The concept can be useful in promoting alternative educational experiences and formats both inside and outside classrooms.  But, “engaged learning” is often been misused and even abused.

Here is an article from the Chicago Tribune about an incident of improper “engaged learning” at my own university, Northern Illinois University.

In my opinion, humanities and sciences professors need to take charge of more “engaged learning” initiatives to ensure that that have academic integrity and educational purpose.  Otherwise, student activities outside the classroom risk turning into community service or even exploited labor.

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2 Responses to How Not to do Engaged Learning

  1. Damian says:

    I will cancel the assignment I had planned for my survey courses. I wanted to engage them in doing my laundry.

  2. Damián: Hmm. I think that I am sensing just a tinge of sarcasm there.

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