54th Massachusetts Reenactors

As the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War unfolds, historical reenactors are enthusiastically commemorating most of the major events of the war.

African-Americans are apparently getting involved in Civil War historical reenactment in increasing numbers. One new group has created a unit to honor the famous 54th Massachusetts Colored Infantry, the first African-American regiment of the Civil War whose service was portrayed in the 1989 film Glory.

Historical film and historical reenactment are often closely associated, especially in the case of war films. Filmmakers working on historical subjects frequently rely on reenactors to participate in battle scenes, parade scenes, and camp scenes. Historical reenactors also seem to be an important audience for historical films.

The Washington Post reports on the African-American reenactors who portray the 54th Massachusetts soldiers.

Students in HIST 390 War in Film will be particularly interested in this story.

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