Early Modern Workshop at the University of Chicago

The Early Modern Workshop at the University of Chicago is an active community of researchers on early modern European and global history.

I have attended presentations at the Early Modern Workshop periodically over the past five years, since taking up my position at Northern Illinois University. I recently had a wonderful opportunity to participate in the workshop and present one of my unpublished papers, thanks to a kind invitation by co-organizers Elisa Jones and Kirsty Montgommery.  I chose a chapter-in-progress dealing with religious peacemaking and negotiation in southern France during the French Wars of Religion, entitled: “‘Put Us All in Good Peace and Union’: Religious Peacemaking in Languedoc after the Edict of Nantes.”

The workshop format involves discussion of a precirculated paper, so I was on the “hot seat” for an hour or so of intense questioning regarding my chapter. The discussion was intense and I received some fantastic criticism and feedback on my draft chapter. Now, I need to heading back to the computer to rework the chapter based on all the helpful suggestions.

The Early Modern Workshop is a great resource for early modern historians in the Chicago area and beyond.

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