No al Razzismo!

Banners reading “No al Razzismo!” and “Il Razzismo Uccide!” have filled piazzas and adorned buildings in Firenze (Florence) following a shooting rampage by Gianluca Casseri on Tuesday. Casseri, a middle-aged Italian man who had ties to neo-fascist groups, killed two Senegalese men and wounded several others. Casseri attack seems to have had strong racist motivations, based on his connections with the neo-fascist organization, Casa Pound.

Members of the Senegalese community in Florence marched to protest the brutal killings and bring attention to the problem of racism in Italy.

Many other Florentines participated in memorials and protests in the wake of the shootings, declaring “No al Razzismo!”

La Repubblica reports on the Florentine response to the shootings and on a protest march in the nearby port of LivornoDer Spiegel reports on the problems of racism, extremism, and neo-fascist groups in Italy and Europe.

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