NIU History Student wins Lincoln Laureate Award

NIU History student Wayne Duerkes has won a Lincoln Laureate Award, a major undergraduate award given in the State of Illinois.

Lincoln Laureate Awards are given to one senior from each of the public and private universities in the State of Illinois.

NIU Today reports on Wayne Duerkes’s designation as a Lincoln Laureate awardee.

Wayne Duerkes has been an avid reader, probing questioner, and engaged thinker throughout his historical studies at NIU.  He has also played a major role in organizing History Club at NIU, arranging for historical lectures, workshops, field trips, and other activities. Wayne is planning on pursuing the history of the American Civil War in graduate studies.

I have known Wayne since he participated in my HIST 414 European Wars of Religion course and I am very happy to see that he has won the prestigious Lincoln Laureate Award.

Congratulations, Wayne!

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