Interview with Hervé Drévillon

Historian Hervé Drévillon has launched a new Institut des Études sur la Guerre et la Paix (Institute for the Study of War and Peace) at Université de Paris I. Research centers and institutes at major universities are engines for original research and publication. This research institute, based in the Sorbonne building, includes an active graduate program with Master’s and Doctoral students.


Hervé Drévillon is the author of books on early modern European dueling, on Louis XIV’s army, on early modern France, and on the history of battle.

Histoire pour tous published an interview with Drévillon online.

I enjoyed presenting my book Warrior Pursuits: Noble Culture and Civil Conflict in Early Modern France (Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010) at Drévillon’s seminar recently.  I was able to meet a number of graduate students who participate in the programs of the Institut des Études sur la Guerre et la Paix.

Historians of early modern war, culture, and society will be interested in Drévillon’s work and his new research institute.

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1 Response to Interview with Hervé Drévillon

  1. Bob Fulton says:

    This is great news, Brian. I am glad that your presentation went well. I hope to contact Dr. Drévillon soon to discuss his purpose and intent with regards to the Institute more in-depth.

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