Reexamining the Thirty Years’ War

Professor Hervé Drévillon is presenting a public lecture in the series, Les Rendez-vous de l’Histoire : Faire campagne, de l’Antiquité à nos jours, sponsored by the École Militaire in Paris. Drévillon is the latest in a wave of historians to reexamine the prolonged violence of the Thirty Years’ War, a major conflict that devastated much of Germany and embroiled most European states in the mid-seventeenth century.


“Faire campagne pendant la guerre de Trente Ans”

Professeur Hervé Drévillon estprofesseur à l’Université Paris I et directeur du domaine “Histoire” à l’IRSEM

mardi 18 décembre 2012

Amphithéâtre Louis de 18h00 à 19h30
École Militaire, Paris

Historians interested in the European Wars of Religion may want to examine Hervé Drévillon’s books and articles, which treat aspects of seventeenth-century warfare and society. For those specifically intrigued by the Thirty Years’ War should read Peter Wilson’s The Thirty Years’ War: Europe’s Tragedy (2009).


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1 Response to Reexamining the Thirty Years’ War

  1. Bob Fulton says:

    Please convey my regards to Dr. Drévillon and my best wishes for his public lecture. I only wish that I could attend. Having read Peter Wilson’s book I can tell you that it is an incredibly well-researched and useful study of the Thirty Years War, one of the best to see publication. He has also published a companion sourcebook.

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