NIU Study Abroad Program in Southern France

Southern France – History and Literature in Bordeaux
Register Now to Study Abroad in Southern France in Summer 2013!
Earn 6 credits in History and/or French!

Register at the Study Abroad Office
417 Williston Hall
Northern Illinois University

Registration is open for Northern Illinois University’s Study Abroad Program in Southern France, based in Bordeaux during Summer 2013.  Earn 6 credits in History and/or French Literature while experiencing Southern France!

PROGRAM OVERVIEW: This is the first year of a new collaborative study abroad program in France sponsored by the Northern Illinois University’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Department of History, and Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures. The program is coordinated by NIU’s Study Abroad Office and the Division of International Programs. This program will include visits to historical and cultural sites in Bordeaux such as Cathedral Saint-André, the Grand Théâtre, the Palais de la Bourse, and Museum of Aquitaine. Participants will also make excursions in the surrounding region of Aquitaine to explore medieval castles, Renaissance châteaux, picturesque villages, and the vineyards of the Bordeaux wine country.

The program in History and Foreign Languages will be led by co-directors, professors Brian Sandberg (History) and Elizabeth Erbeznik (Foreign Languages and Literatures).

Undergraduate, Honors, and Graduate Credit is available for this Study Abroad Program.

The Program Description is available online at the NIU Study Abroad Office website.

Students may register for the program at the Study Abroad Office on campus at NIU. For further information on the program, please contact professors Elizabeth Erbeznik or Brian Sandberg ( by email.

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