Medici Archive Project Archival Studies Seminar

The Medici Archive Project – Seminar on Paleography and Archival Studies 2013


For the third consecutive year, the Medici Archive Project will be offering a two-week intensive seminar on archival research especially intended for advanced graduate students in Renaissance and early modern studies. This seminar will be team-taught by current MAP staff. Course participants will have the opportunity to work directly with original documents and will visit a number of Florentine archives.

The seminar aims to teach scholars to navigate Italian archives (with particular emphasis on Florentine collections), to examine in depth various document typologies, to read the documents, to identify paleographic conventions, and to apply this research to their scholarly pursuits. Class-size is restricted to twelve, so that each participant will receive personal guidance.

The seminar will run from Monday, June 10 to Saturday, June 22, 2013. The tuition for this course is US $ 700, payable by PayPal upon acceptance.

For further information, or to apply, contact Dr. Elena Brizio at To apply, please send a CV and a brief statement explaining how this course will benefit your current research project by May 1, 2013.

For a seminar description, see the Medici Archive Project website.

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