Study Abroad Teaching in Florence

Thousands of American students study in Florence, Italy, each year at more than 40 major study abroad programs and many other smaller programs.

One of the largest and most prestigious American programs in Florence is New York University’s program, based at the magnificent Villa La Pietra.


Many of the faculty at study abroad programs are local professors who teach as part-time adjuncts or full-time instructors. Italian labor law works differently than American law, leading to different arrangements in Florence than at main campuses in the United States.

According to Inside Higher Ed, “Prior to last year, NYU Florence hired its part-time professors as freelancers on term-to-term contracts, as was the norm for many other American study abroad programs in Italy. However the change in Italian law last summer required American universities and programs to enter into permanent contracts with their employees. NYU was left with a little more than a month to determine who would get permanent contracts and who would receive contracts that expire in May.”

Inside Higher Ed reports on labor disputes at the NYU Florence program.

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