Anti-Muslim Attacks in the United Kingdom

Last week, two Islamist militants brutally murdered a British soldier, Drummer Lee Rigby, in Woolwich, running over him with a car and then stabbing and hacking him to death. The shocking murder has prompted outrage in the United Kingdom and beyond.

Woolwich murder suspect

The BBC and the Guardian report on the brutal murder. The Guardian discusses the identity of the soldier.

The murder has also tragically triggered a wave of anti-Muslim violence across the United Kingdom, targeting individual Muslims randomly and damaging several mosques.

The English Defense League, a right-wing anti-immigrant group, held an anti-Muslim protest in front of Downing Street in reaction to the murder of Drummer Rigby.


NPR and the Guardian report on the anti-Muslim attacks.

NIU students in HIST 740 Religious Politics and Sectarian Violence will want to examine this disturbing case of religious violence and political mobilization.

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