WSFH Call for Papers


This is a call for submissions for the Western Society for French History’s annual paper prizes.  All papers given at the 2013 meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, are eligible.  To be considered for any of these prizes, please send your paper in electronic format (as an email attachment in Microsoft Word) by Friday, 31 January 2013, specifying the award(s) for which you would like to be considered.  Submissions should be no longer than 14 double spaced pages including all appropriate citations and bibliographical information.  The winners will be announced at the business meeting at the WSFH conference in San Antonio in October 2014.

Please send all submissions and direct all queries to Carolyn Eichner at

For more information on these awards and the WSFH supporters for whom they are named, see

The Prizes:

The Ronald S. Love Prize is awarded to the best graduate student paper on the history of France before 1800, or any period of history concerning French colonies or the Francophone world.

The Edward T. Gargan Prize is awarded to the best graduate student paper on post-1800 history.

The Millstone Prize is awarded to the best interdisciplinary paper.

The 2013-14 Prize Committee is composed of Kate Hamerton, Joelle Rollo-Koster, Matthew Gerber, Cheryl Koos, and Carolyn Eichner (chair).


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