Pre-doctoral Position in Policy Studies

Pre-doctoral Position in Policy Studies

Cluster for the Study of Religious Violence

Pre-Doctoral Research Fellowship
Foreign Policy Program

The Foreign Policy Program at the Brookings Institution invites applications for the award of one or two full-time resident fellowships for policy-oriented doctoral research for the 2014-2015 academic year. The fellowships are designed for candidates whose dissertation topics and career goals are directly related to the major interests of the Foreign Policy program: war and peace issues; shifting power balances; global order and human security. Awards will go to individuals whose research are near completion and will benefit from access to Foreign Policy scholars and the Washington policy-making community afforded by the Brookings Institution’s location in the nation’s capital.

Program Information

Pre-Doctoral Research Fellows are invited to participate in conferences and seminars hosted by Brookings during their stay and will have access to the research resources available to resident staff members. Pre-Doctoral Research Fellows are also encouraged to present their work-in-progress to Brookings scholars…

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