Early Modern Women’s History Conference

Call for Proposals

Attending to Early Modern Women: It’s About Time
June 18-20, 2015     Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Deadline November 15

 Taking as its inspiration the fact that 2015 marks the 25th anniversary of the first Attending to Early Modern Women conference, the ninth conference, “It’s About Time,” will focus on time and its passing, allowing us to archive our achievements, reflect on the humanities in the world today, and shape future directions in scholarship and teaching. It will address such questions as: Can we trace gendered and embodied temporalities? How did time structure early modern lives, and the textual and material commemorations of those lives? In what ways do categories of difference condition understandings of time? How do contemporary and early modern conceptions of time inform our work as scholars and teachers?  

Proposals for workshops that consider these questions in relationship to the following topics are welcome:

Taxonomies of Time

Categories of time; turning points; teleology; Pre- and post-; periodicity and periodization; time as defined by science and other cultures of learning; the idea of “the modern” and the “early modern”

Memory and remembrances; life-writing, biography, and autobiography; monuments; portraits; legacies; genealogies; origin stories; rituals; narratives; reception across time

Women’s and men’s experiences of time; embodied frameworks of time; timelessness; instruments of time; tempo; speed-ups and slow-downs; metaphors of time; queering time; futurity; appearances and disappearances; changing velocities of history


Changes and continuities in teaching; time as a pedagogical tool; presentism among students and the public; time and technology

 The conference will be held at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Continuing Education in the heart of downtown Milwaukee, within easy walking distance of the lakeshore, the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Milwaukee Public Museum, and the Amtrak station. Conference attendees will stay in the near-by and newly renovated Doubletree Hotel. 

Attendees will also have the opportunity to participate in a special pre-conference seminar on Wednesday June 17 at the Center for Renaissance Studies at the Newberry Library in Chicago.

A detailed description of the conference and the call for proposals is now available at: 

The conference website has a list of people seeking co-organizers for workshops. Check there if you are looking for a possible workshop. If you are seeking a co-organizer, send a message with your idea and contact info to the conference e-mail address and it will be posted there.

Proposals for workshops that address the conference themes may now be submitted, to atw-15@uwm.edu. Deadline: November 15, 2014.

Please forward this call to colleagues and students who you think might be interested.

Merry Wiesner-Hanks

ATW-2015 Organizing Committee Chair



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