American Historical Association 2015

The American Historical Association 2015 Annual Meeting opens in New York City today.  Thousands of professors, instructors, independent researchers, research librarians, and graduate students in history will be attending the largest historical conference in North America over the next several days.


This massive conference hosts hundreds of sessions in which historians will be presenting or discussing new research, historiographical reflections, methodological approaches, pedagogical techniques, curricular reforms, public history projects, and digital humanities work. Every field of historical research from antiquity to the contemporary world will be represented at the conference.

To see what is going on at the conference, see the Program of the AHA 2015 Annual Meeting.

In celebration of the opening of the 2015 AHA, here is an important op-ed by James R. Grossman, the executive director of the AHA, from this past fall:

The New York Times published Grossman’s op-ed.

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