Massacre of Journalists at Charlie Hebdo in Paris

Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical publication in Paris, was attacked by terrorists this morning. Two gunmen reportedly entered the offices of Charlie Hebdo and opened fire, killing ten people and wounding more. The gunmen then exited the building and opened fire on a police car that was responding, killing two policemen. The attackers fled in a car northeast through Paris and are still at large.


The latest reports indicate that the journalists and cartoonists Charb, Wolinski, Cabu et Tignous were all killed in the attack. Charlie Hebdo has long been targeted by radical Islamist militants after the magazine published cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed and other satiric work deemed offensive by some radical imams. No group has so far taken credit for the attack, but the gunmen claimed to be carrying out vengeance in the name of Islam. Witnesses and video footage both affirm that the gunmen yelled “Allahou Akbar” during their assault. Witnesses also allege that the attackers yelled “Nous avons tué Charlie Hebdo” and nous avons vengé le prophète.”

I am shocked by this appalling act of brutal violence in the heart of Paris. This atrocious attack occurred near the Bastille and a mere 200 meters or so from my current residence. My thoughts are with the victims’ families and with all of our friends and colleagues in Paris.

Martin Vidberg, a blogger and cartonist for Le, published this tribute to the journalists of Charlie Hebdo.


For full reporting on the attack on Charlio Hebdo, see Libération, LeMonde, and France24.

The New York Times and BBC report in English on the massacre.

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