Early Modern Workshop in Chicago

The Early Modern Workshop is meeting at the University of Chicago on Monday, January 12, at 5:00pm in Pick 319.

Prof. Constantin Fasolt will lead a discussion on historical method and the challenges faced by historians of the late medieval and early modern periods. We invite history students from a wide range of specialties to attend, as the material should also be useful to those outside the workshop’s typical purview.

Among some of the topics that will be discussed will be the issue of how best to incorporate various philosophies of history in dissertation writing, how to approach problematic sources and questionable authorial intent, and the way in which various traditions of social, intellectual, and/or cultural histories can be utilized to improve projects with a less-rounded focus.

Please see the attached short afterword of R. I. Moore’s War on Heresy as a primer to the conversation and come with your own methodology questions. As always, dinner and refreshments will be served. Please contact Colin Rydell at colinr@uchicago.edu if you think you may need assistance.

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