Masters Program in Mediterranean Studies

There is a new call for applications to the Masters Program in Mediterranean Studies at NYU.  Here is the announcement:

The Center for European and Mediterranean Studies (CEMS) at New York University is pleased to announce a call for applications to its Masters in European and Mediterranean Studies program. Please forward this to any students you might think are interested.

Applications for Fall 2015 are being accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. Applicants who apply before April 1, 2015 are eligible to receive significant financial aid packages to fund their studies. It is recommended to apply as soon as possible, as funds are limited.

The Master’s in European and Mediterranean Studies is an interdisciplinary program in the social sciences and humanities that is designed to prepare students for professions in the public, non-profit, or private sectors requiring an advanced understanding of Europe and the Mediterranean region. Our graduates also go on to pursue Ph.D. studies in history, political science, international relations, international development, and a range of other fields.

CEMS graduate students choose one of three tracks for specialization:

1. European Culture and Society
2. European Politics and Policy
3. Mediterranean Studies

In addition to courses offered by the CEMS Department, graduate students may take classes with a European/Mediterranean focus offered by other departments—including, but not limited to, history, politics, anthropology, cinema studies, French studies, Italian studies, Irish studies, and many other disciplines.  Students may also take courses at other NYU schools—such as the School of Law or Graduate School of Public Service—as well as at Columbia University, through a special Consortium agreement existing between the two institutions.  CEMS students have the advantage of being part of a small department with dedicated faculty, ensuring close access to professors, while being part of a large research institution with a wide variety of resources available to them. Additionally, if students wanted to gain more professional experience, they can take advantage of the many internship opportunities in New York City, most of them for academic credit.

Students can also broaden their studies with various opportunities abroad, and are encouraged to apply for summer grants to perform research, to work, or to study abroad. In the past, our candidates have received funding to study at one of our several NYU campuses abroad, to work at various NGOs, think tanks, and other European organizations, or to carry out research either independently or in the program of their own choosing.

For more information on NYU’s Center for European and Mediterranean Studies, please follow this link.

Students wishing to apply can follow this link.

For any inquiries, please email or call 1.212.998.3838

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