ReligioWest Research Program

Cluster for the Study of Religious Violence

The ReligioWest research program, based at the European University Institute, pursues research on issues of religious pluralism, secularism, religion and the law, religion in the political sphere, and religious violence.

The ReligioWest website indicates: “ReligioWest studies how different western states in Europe and North America are redefining their relationship with religions under the challenge  of increasing religious activism in the public sphere due to new religious movements and Islam. Although each country starts from very different and specific contexts of the relationship between state, religion and public sphere, this move seems to lead to a more uniform perception of what the relationship should be.”

For more information, see the ReligioWest page at the website of the European University Institute in Florence, Italy.

Graduate students working on devotional activism, sacred politics, religious conflict, and sectarian violence will be interested in this research project.

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