A new blog on the history of early modern war and society is active online.

Maurizio Arfaioli, a colleague of mine at the Medici Archive Project, has recently launched a website and accompanying blog, entitled Pike-and-Blog. Early modernists will recognize Maurizio’s reference to the pike-and-shot tactics used by many sixteenth- and seventeenth-century armies.


Maurizio is a specialist of early modern Italian war and society and has already published an important monograph on condottieri and military organization during the Italian Wars: Maurizio Arfaioli, The Black Bands of Giovanni: Infantry and Diplomacy During the Italian Wars (1526-1528) (Pisa: Edizioni Plus-Pisa University Press, 2005). He also works on the Dutch Revolt and on various aspects of war and society during the European Wars of Religion.

Check out Maurizio’s blog by navigating to Pike-and-Blog on his website.

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