War and Conflict in the Early Modern World Release

I am pleased to report that my new book, War and Conflict in the Early Modern World (Cambridge: Polity Press, 2016),  has been released in the U.K., Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.


Here is the brief book description (blurb):

In this latest addition to the acclaimed War & Conflict Through the Ages series, Brian Sandberg offers a truly global examination of the intersections between war, culture, and society in the early modern period. Sandberg traces the innovative military technologies and practices that emerged around 1500, then explores the different forms of warfare—including dynastic war, religious warfare, raiding warfare, and peasant revolt— that shaped conflicts during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. He explains how significant social, economic, and political developments transformed warfare on land and at sea at a time of global imperialism and growing mercantilism, forcing states and military systems to respond to rapidly changing situations.

Engaging and insightful, War and Conflict in the Early Modern World will interest scholars and students of world history, the early modern period, and the broader relationship between war and society.

Table of Contents

  • Contents
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Innovative Warfare, 1450s-1520s
  • Chapter 2: Maritime Conflict and Colonial Expansion, 1490s-1530s
  • Chapter 3: Schism and Social Conflict, 1510s-1560s
  • Chapter 4: Dynastic War and State Development, 1520s-1580s
  • Chapter 5: Noble Violence, 1520s-1620s
  • Chapter 6: Sectarian Violence and Religious Warfare, 1560s-1640s
  • Chapter 7: Raiding Warfare, 1580s-1640s
  • Chapter 8: Peasant Revolt and Rural Conflict, 1590s-1650s
  • Chapter 9: Ethnic Conflict, 1620s-1660s
  • Chapter 10: Rebellion and Civil Warfare, 1630s-1660s
  • Chapter 11: Mercantile War, 1630s-1690s
  • Chapter 12: Territorial War, 1660s-1700s
  • Conclusion: c. 1700
  • Notes

War and Conflict in the Early Modern World will will soon be released in the United States (June 2016).  Pre-orders can be made at Wiley (the U.S. distributor) or on Amazon.

For exam copies and more information, see the Polity Press website.




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