Femmes à la Cour de France

Femmes à la cour de France. Charges et fonctions (XVe – XIXe siècle), ed. Caroline zum Kolk, Kathleen Wilson-Chevalier (Villeneuve d’Ascq, Septentrion, 2018), ISBN-102757423614, will soon be published.


This collective volume on women at the royal court of France in the early modern period includes interdisciplinary studies in English and French languages on noblewomen and their households, their official and family roles, women and court politics, motherhood and parenting, mistresses and sexuality, and gender and court culture.

I contributed an essay on “« Je ne vis jamais cette cour plus pleine de tourment » : Montmorency Women and Confessional Politics at Court during the French Wars of Religion,” to the volume.

This collective volume is an outgrowth of an engaging conference on Femmes à la cour de France – charges et fonctions (Moyen Âge – XIXe siècle) that was organized by Caroline zum Kolk and Kathleen Wilson-Chevalier and held at the Institut d’Études Avancées de Paris in October 2015.

Scholars working on early modern women, gender, and sexuality will be interested in this volume, as will historians of the French court and early modern France.



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