Religion, Politics, and Violence in Early Modern France at the ASCH 2019

Historians discussed religion, politics, and violence in early modern France at the American Society of Church History (ASCH) conference in Chicago this weekend.

The ASCH promotes the academic study of the history of Christianity and is one of the affiliated societies of the American Historical Association. The conference often hosts sessions on the history of Protestant and Catholic Reformations of the sixteenth century.

I was pleased to chair a session at the ASCH on “Failures of Religious Dialogue in Early Modern France.” John McCormack presented research on the Colloque of Poissy during the French Wars of Religion and Xavier Maréchaux offered a paper on refractory clergy during the French Revolution. The discussion developed around clergy, religious politics, and church-state relations in early modern France.

The conference program is available at the ASCH 2019 conference website.

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