Generous Amazons Article in Spanish

I am excited to see that my “Generous Amazons” article on besieged women in the French Wars of Religion is now available in Spanish!

Antonio Escobar Tortosa has kindly translated the article and Revista Universitaria de Historia Militar (RUHM) has published the Spanish translation in its latest issue.

The full citation is: “‘Generosas amazonas acudieron a la brecha’: mujerees sitiadas, agencia y sujeción durante las Guerras de Religión en Francia,” Revista Universitaria de Historia Militar 7: 15 (2018): 213-245. The translation is available at the RHUM website.

The article was originally published in English in a special issue of the journal Gender & History: Brian Sandberg, “‘Generous Amazons Came to the Breach’: Besieged Women, Agency and Subjectivity during the French Wars of Religion”, Gender & History, 16:3 (2004), pp. 654-688. The special issue was later published as a collective volume on Violence, Vulnerability and Embodiment: Gender and History, ed. Shani D’Cruze and Anupama Rao.

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