Black Lives Matter Mural at NIU

The Black Lives Matter movement is bringing awareness of racial issues to the campus of Northern Illinois University and the DeKalb community.

Northern Illinois University’s Center for Black Studies recently suffered a vandalism attack, in which someone spray-painted a racist slogan on its building. See my previous post on Racist Vandalism on Campus.

Black Lives Matter activists responded creatively to this attack with an anti-racist mural painting project on campus. On Thursday, 1 October 2020, the Center for Black Studies and the College of Visual and Performing Arts organized an event called “Art and Soul,” to paint a bold mural stating “Black Lives Matter” on Castle Drive. According to Northern Public Radio, “Participants with masks on took turns painting the street while listening to live music performed throughout the affair.”

Photo: Northern Public Radio

Northern Public Radio reports on the mural painting project and the Black Lives Matter movement at Northern Illinois University. A post on Black Lives Matter at Northern Illinois University discussed the “Art and Soul” event.

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