Newberry Transcribe: Online Resource

The Center for Renaissance Studies at the Newberry Library recently launched a new online resource for transcriptions and translations of early modern sources.

Northern Illinois University students in HIST 420 The Renaissance and HIST 422 Early Modern Europe will be interested in this resource.

Here is the announcement from the Center for Renaissance Studies:

CRS is pleased to promote an exciting resource for instructors of French or Spanish languages, early American history, or Native American and Indigenous studies. 

Newberry Transcribe, the Newberry’s interactive transcription resource, has recently added hundreds of pages of pre-1800 French, Spanish, and English-language manuscripts for crowdsourced transcription and translation, all of which are ideal for the classroom. These resources present excellent opportunities for instructors to introduce digital humanities into the classroom, and for students to work with primary sources and experience authentic tasks. To view the documents, select “pre-1800” in the “Select a Decade” dropdown menu on the Newberry Transcribe homepage, or copy and paste this link:

If you have any questions about the site, or if you would like a Newberry subject specialist and/or digital librarian to make a virtual visit to your class, send an email to or contact the Newberry’s Digital Initiatives and Services department at

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