The World in the Book: 1300-1800

The Center for Renaissance Studies at the Newberry Library is offering an undergraduate seminar on The World in the Book: 1300-1800 in Fall 2021.

Northern Illinois University undergraduate students interested in medieval, renaissance, and early modern studies are encouraged to apply to take this seminar. Northern Illinois University is a Center for Renaissance Studies consortium member, giving its students and faculty access to Newberry Library seminars, workshops, and conferences.

Here is the seminar call for applications from the Center for Renaissance Studies:

The World in the Book: 1300-1800

CRS Undergraduate Seminar
Fall 2021
Online via Zoom

CRS is thrilled to announce that applications are now being accepted for its first-ever undergraduate seminar, which will take place virtually in Fall 2021.

Hosted by the Newberry Library’s Center for Renaissance Studies (CRS), this 10-week, three credit hour course will use the multidisciplinary field of book history to explore how medieval and early modern people used different media—theological texts, maps, travel narratives, reference works, literature, and more—to make sense of a changing world. Through lectures, discussions, and interactive workshops with faculty from CRS consortium institutions, participants will learn how book history can illuminate the ways in which premodern people used religion, science, art, and technology to grapple with new economic, intellectual, and cultural challenges in a rapidly-expanding global community. In so doing, students will develop a framework for using the past to help illuminate and guide their own contemporary experience.

This seminar is free and open for undergraduate students in any field of medieval or early modern studies, but space is limited. Priority will be given to undergraduates from CRS consortium institutions. Accepted students must make arrangements with their home institutions to receive credit for the course. Please direct any questions to

For more information about the course, including guest speakers and a link to apply, please visit the course website here:

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