Society for Military History Conference

The Society for Military History is organizing its upcoming annual meeting.

The Society for Military History (SMH) is a major academic organization that promotes research on war, culture, and society in all geographic regions and historical periods. The SMH publishes the Journal of Military History and hosts an annual academic conference each spring.

The registration is now open for the Society of Military History Conference, which will be held in Norfolk, VA, and online on 20-23 May 2021. Due to the ongoing Covid pandemic, this meeting of SMH will be also be broadcast virtually.

Here is the SMH announcement on the virtual sessions:

“Virtual Conference Attendance—Registration is OPEN!!!

It has never been easier to attend a SMH meeting. If you cannot travel to Norfolk, please check out the Virtual Conference Registration tab. We plan to broadcast all 85 panels across all 3 days. It’s the next best thing to being there. Log in instructions to follow by individual email to each virtual registrant. Sign up NOW!”

The SMH conference website has additional information:

Northern Illinois University students who have taken HIST 384 History of War since 1500, HIST 414 European Wars of Religion, HIST 423 French Revolution and Napoleon, HIST 760 Religious Violence in Comparative Perspective, HIST 790 Religious Politics and Sectarian Violence, or other courses on war and society may be interested in the themes of this conference.

Any NIU undergraduate or graduate students who are interested in attending the conference in person or virtually should contact me by e-mail about registering. Prospective graduate students who are considering studying History at Northern Illinois University are also invited to contact me. My faculty page at the Department of History website is:

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