¡ Viva la Libertad !

The Newberry Library is currently showing an exhibition on ¡ Viva la Libertad ! Latin American and the Age of Revolutions.

¡ Viva la Libertad ! explores Latin American revolutions in the nineteenth century and their legacies for Central and South America.

La Destruction de la Statue Royale a Nouvelle Yorck, ca. 1778, Ruggles 592, Newberry Library

The exhibition introduction reads: “As revolutions broke out in the United States, France, and Haiti, freedom movements took root in Latin America, where the colonies of Spain and Portugal fought for their own independence. In hindsight, it’s easy to assume the revolutionary floodgates opened and freedom spread inexorably throughout the hemisphere. But bitter independence struggles lasted decades.”

Undergraduate and graduate students studying Latin American History, Atlantic World History, Comparative Revolutions, Civil Wars, and related topics will want to view this exhibition. Northern Illinois University graduate students are especially encouraged to explore this exhibition and its research collections over the summer.

The Newberry Library has a website related to the exhibition. ¡ Viva la Libertad ! Latin American and the Age of Revolutions is open for in-person viewing from 2 April – 24 July 2021.

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