History of the Medici Family Podcast

I recently gave an interview on the history of the Medici family for an episode of the Ithaca Bound podcast, hosted by Andrew Schiestel.

I spent three years working as a post-doctoral fellow with the Medici Archive Project, a major Digital Humanities project based in Florence, Italy. So, it is always fun to discuss the Medici family and their fascinating history.

The episode, entitled “The Medici Family during the Italian Renaissance” is available streaming online at the Ithaca Bound website.

Ithaca Bound website on PodBean

I want to thank Andre Schiestel for inviting me to join him in discussing the history of the Medici family for the podcast.

Ithaca Bound is a podcast specializing in Mediterranean history and culture. The Ithaca Bound website indicates that “The Ithaca Bound podcast is a daily podcast that explores history and mythology in the Mediterranean Basin. It’s hosted by Andrew Schiestel.”

For more information on the history of the Medici family, see the Medici Archive Project website.

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