RSA Digital Days of Learning

The Renaissance Society of America is once again organizing its Digital Days of Learning workshops. These workshops offer introductions to Digital Humanities tools and techniques for students and scholars working in the field of Renaissance Studies.

I have participated in some of the previous Digital Days of Learning workshops dealing with paleography tools and digital mapping techniques. The workshops are normally very practical, providing hands-on experiences and guidance from trained users.

I would like to encourage graduate students in History at Northern Illinois University to participate in one of these Digital Days of Learning.

The announcement from the Renaissance Society of America is here below:

Registration is now open for our Day(s) of Digital Learning. The workshops will be held on several days throughout the two-week period spanning February 21–March 4, 2022.

The Day(s) of Digital Learning will feature a varied menu of sessions involving hands-on, participatory work with digital tools and resources. The events will be open to all RSA members without charge.
More information can be found on the topics, schedule, and registration for the Day(s) of Digital Learning, by clicking here. Please email the RSA with questions.



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