Research Methods in Early Modern Studies

The Folger Shakespeare Library will be offering a research methods seminar in early modern studies in May 2022 for graduate students pursuing Renaissance and early modern studies.

Graduate students who are considering applying for this research methods seminar are invited to tune into an online discussion of research methods and an orientation to the seminar. This will be held on Thursday 10 February 10 2022 at 3:30 pm.

I would like to encourage graduate students in History and English at Northern Illinois University who are working in early modern studies to participate in this online discussion.

The Folger Shakespeare Library has stellar collections in Renaissance studies, Reformation studies, English history and literature, history of the book, literary history, and early modern European and world history. The Library also provides important training and support in paleography, research methods, and digital humanities.

To register for this online discussion, see the Folger Shakespeare Library.

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