Understanding the Ukraine War

Many historians are closely observing the Ukraine War and commenting on different historical dynamics and patterns that are potentially shaping the conflict.

At my university, Northern Illinois University, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is currently organizing a Teach-In on the Ukraine War, including two members of the Department of History. Universities around the world are organizing similar roundtable discussions to serve their student audiences and local communities.

Ukrainian refugee, Irpin, Ukraine. Photo: Reuters

Historians are also active in writing about the Ukraine War, based on their research specializations in Ukrainian History, Russian History, Eastern European History, Military History, International History, Violence Studies, War Studies, Strategic Studies, Refugee Studies, and related fields.

Mark Fitzpatrick, Professor of International History at Flinders University (Australia), has written an article for The Conversation on historical responses to the Ukraine War.

Mary Elisa Sarotte, Professor of Historical Studies at Johns Hopkins University and a specialist on Cold War History, wrote an opinion piece for The New York Times, arguing that the current situation represents the onset of a new Cold War.

Lev Golinkin, a Ukrainian memoir writer, suggests in an opinion piece for The New York Times that Russian forces aim to erase Ukrainian history in the current war.

Historian Miles Pattenden, Senior Research Fellow at Australian Catholic University, argues in the Sydney Morning Herald that a relative lack of knowledge of European history has produced misunderstandings of the historical contexts for the Ukraine crisis and has also contributed to strategic miscalculations leading to the Ukraine War.

Several historians have weighed in on the possible ways that the Ukraine War may eventually be resolved in an article for the Boston Globe.

The New York Times and The Guardian have both published reading lists of historical works on Ukrainian History, Russian History, and conflict in Ukraine.

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