Religion in American Right-Wing Politics

“She said she wanted to be a part of ‘staking claim’ to what God was doing. ‘This is a Jesus movement,’ Ms. Jackson said. ‘I believe God removed Donald for a time, so the church would wake up and have confidence in itself again to take our country back.'”

I am currently gathering news reports and articles for my graduate seminar on Religious Violence in Comparative Perspective, which I offer periodically at Northern Illinois University. The course utilizes a comparative approach to religious violence, examining cases of religious conflict from 1500 to today involving many different religious systems in world history.

I always like to end the seminar with a discussion of cases of religious politics and religious violence in today’s world, focused on a series of news reports, magazine articles, and academic essays.

In this recent article, The New York Times reports on religion in American right-wing politics:

The New York Times reports on “The Growing Religious Fervor in the American Right: ‘This is a Jesus Movement'”

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