Lightning Talks: Rethinking the Global Renaissance

Graduate students in Renaissance Studies have been working with the Renaissance Society of America to organize a series of Lightning Talks events.

Graduate students in Renaissance Studies and Early Modern History will be interested in this Lightning Talk event. I would like to encourage graduate students in my HIST 458/558 Mediterranean World course at Northern Illinois University to consider submitting a proposal.

Here is the call for papers for the upcoming Lightning Talk:

Scholars have been pushing the boundaries of the field of Renaissance Studies by rethinking how this historical period could be reimagined differently in the future. Graduate students have been playing an important role in this endeavor. The RSA Graduate Student Advisory Committee aims to bring to light the exciting and innovative research that graduate students have been doing to push the field forward. During the last Lightning Talks, which was held in February 2022, graduate students presented their research and addressed how their work enables us to rethink the Renaissance archive. Given the success of this event, we have decided to continue the series in fall 2022. For the upcoming Lightning Talks we would like to ask students to present work that allows us to “rethink the Global Renaissance.” We welcome the participation of students, from a variety of disciplines, whose research re-imagines the spatial boundaries/scale of the Renaissance world beyond Europe.

Abstracts of 150 words are due by Friday, September 30. Please submit through the google form at the end of this announcement. Participants will be notified by Friday, October 7.

Lightning talks are concise oral presentations of five minutes, which may or may not include visual aids. Presentations could be based on:

• An argument from your work (BA/MA thesis, PhD dissertation, or article)
• Initial findings from side projects, or work in progress
• Archival findings
• Pedagogical questions
• Field/experience-based observations, and/or
• Any archive-related topic that might stimulate discussion.

This event is open to all graduate students but preference will be given to RSA graduate student members. Please email the RSA with questions.

Best of luck,

RSA Graduate Student Advisory Committee
Farrah Bazzi (chair)
Esteban Crespo
Bar Leshem
Ana Beatriz Mujica
Mary Katherine Newman
Alejandro Nodarse

For questions about submissions please email Farrah Bazzi at

Submit your proposals here:

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