Perspectives on Global and Local Military History: CFP

Western Illinois University will be hosting an academic conference on Perspectives on Global and Local Military History in April 2023.

The call for papers lays out the themes for the conference:

“Does the transnational turn in historical scholarship suggest that all warfare is actually derivative of larger global patterns, or are there local, regional, or national “ways of war” that differentiate conflict within that certain geographical space, which historians should acknowledge? The new military history of the last several decades shifted attention away from traditional narratives that focused on generalship and troop movements on the battlefield towards the perspective of ordinary soldiers, and more recently, towards even broader social and cultural perspectives on warfare. How does the transnational turn in history affect the new military history?

“This conference, which will be held in-person only, at the Quad Cities campus of Western Illinois University, April 14-16, 2023, invites paper and panel proposals that explore intersections between global and local perspectives on warfare, on and off the battlefield, including campaign histories; biographical analysis; material culture; cultural, social, and political implications; and indigenous populations.”

For more information, see the full call for papers on the website of Western Illinois University. The deadline for submitting proposals is 15 Janaury 2023.

Doctoral candidates and M.A. students in History at Northern Illinois University may be interested in participating in this conference.

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