Vandervort Prize Nominations

The Society for Military History is soliciting nominations for the Vandervort Prizes, which recognize outstanding articles on the history of war and society.

Here is the call for nominations from the Society for Military History:

Vandervort Prize Nominations

The Vandervort Prizes recognize outstanding journal articles that contribute to the field of military history.

The Vandervort Prizes honor the JMH’s longtime editor, the late Dr. Bruce Vandervort. A prize is awarded to at least two of the best articles published in The Journal of Military History during the previous calendar year, as well as up to two articles published outside of the journal.

All articles published in The Journal of Military History are automatically eligible for the Vandervort Prizes.

The selection committee is seeking nominations of outstanding articles published in other journals. These should be articles published in peer-reviewed academic journals, in English, with a publication date of 2022. The journal itself need not focus on military history, as we are seeking to recognize scholarship that shows the intellectual breadth of our discipline.

Self-nominations are permitted. One nomination per individual, please.

To nominate an article for consideration, please submit a copy of the article (preferably as a PDF) and complete citation information to Dr. Adam R. Seipp ( by January 17, 2023.

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